THEME “Breakthroughs in cell-based cancer therapies: A dialogue between lab and clinic"

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TransMed-VN Conference is an open and free admission to promote advanced biomedical research in the science community of Vietnam. However, registration is required.  Please sign up by filling the information below and send to (Ms. Anh Nguyen) and CC to (Dr.Thai Nguyen) 

Full name & Title:




For CME credit requirement, there is a charge of $300K VNĐ and please fill in the form below: 

Don xin cap chung nhan CME-Transmed 

Topics of interest include :

– Researchers in  biomedical sciences relating to immunotherapies, stem cell therapy 

– Clinical trials, Cell Processing, GMP production

– Medical professions for combined therapies, i.e. biologics & surgery.

– Health care policy makers

– Investors, regulators on innovative medicine

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